Break free from your tax problems by hiring experts with years of experience at Kahen & Associates P.C. Kahen & Associates P.C is a tax law firm that provides customized tax solutions for clients nationwide, ranging from the most complex of scenarios to simpler situations. We offer services to individuals and businesses that are facing IRS and State Tax debt issues, as well as audits, issues with the EDD, FBar, and more. If you are tirelessly being pursued by these agencies, then we are the perfect team to help. Our mission has always been making the complex simple.

The lawyers at Kahen & Associates P.C focus on making the complex simple. We cater to our diverse clientele by delivering comprehensive advice and solutions and walk people through best practices. Regardless if it’s past debt or past taxes, we use our experience and creativity to hand-craft the best possible solutions and outcomes. In addition, we help you come up with a strategic plan for the future: Estate planning, Asset Protection, Entity Formation, Tax planning and more. At each phase, we deliberately navigate the best courses of action; whether through a lawsuit, litigation, settlements, orotherwise. We navigate through financial strength – the best decisions for your financial well-being as well as your position. Our team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers are ready to assist and help you with your tax dilemmas.

At Kahen & Associates P.C, we find reasonable solutions. We have helped numerous clients through extremely difficult times both through our experience and expertise, as well as our calm and collected demeanor throughout often lengthy and stressful scenarios.


Whether you are an individual, small business owner, or a sole proprietor, we can help your taxation issues. Our attorneys are one of the few tax lawyers in Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills who can offer services related to all taxation controversies. Our mission is to provide best Legal Representation for our clients and acquire lowest amount of settlement allowed under the law for our clients.

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Tax Law

Our services are very vast flowing through many services from OFAC office of foreign office control to international crimes all the way down to personal income tax debt. We also help a lot with 1031 and other types of exchanges. Helping from investment all the way through distressed companies looking to build their way out of the hole.

Business Consultation

Starting a business when you’re confused. Knowing what steps to take. Formation of corporation. Organizations like ftb, boe. EDD. Cta, and avoiding lawsuits.


Americans with foreign assets need to be familiar with FBAR Regulations. A Foreign Bank Account Report needs to be filed every year to stay in compliance with the IRS. Having an expert FBAR lawyer by your side will make sure that this gets filed correctly and spare you the risk of facing grave penalties.

Wills & Trusts

Estate planning. Pass down your wealth to the next generation without taxation and utilizing the right strategies. We do it better. We know taxes. (Look at what other websites wrote for some more content ideas).

Personal Injury

If you have suffered a personal injury, we recognize that this is a traumatic time in your life. No one would ever choose to be injured by the negligence of someone else. It is to your advantage to contact our team of exceptional lawyers that are well versed in personal injury laws.


We can offer a license and not trigger tax consequences and address the tax consequences. Majority of OFAC lawyers do not know about taxation but with our background we can show the process from A-to-Z and understand the best financial outcomes. We’ve never had a single application turned down. All of our applications have been granted to date.

Real Estate

It involves liens, tax liens, IrS liens, opportunity zone, 1031s. We can assess, advise and supervise.


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